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Energy transmission (channeling, healing)


Open yourself up as a channel of divine energy – preferably while you put your hand on your heart – and let energy flow to the other person. If you are not trained in energy healing, it does not matter. The energy will find its way to the right place anyway.

Background & Impact

The channeling of energy is based on the assumption that we are part of the divine flow of energy through our head and feet. We can direct this energy flow through our will. If we remember that the energy flows through us, it actually begins to do so. We become a channel of divine energy. The difference, regarding the “physical exercise” is that they increase the unchanneled energy in us while the channeling exercise transfers energy consciously. Most people feel the flow of energy as heat. Otheras tingling, or a non-specific pressure. Energy can be transferred to other people through us. We consider the following:

The transfer of energy is primarily a spiritual process. It is appropriate to do so in a state of openness, joy and gratitude to God, ones inner self and others. Anyone who is angry or sick should not transmit energy. It is not us who do the healing, but the divine energy that flows through us.

Energy may be transferred only with the consent of the other! This has primarily karmic reasons: Because as humans we choose our diseases and a certain energetic life consciously on which a not considered intervention can have fatal consequences: we wipe away the energetic pattern, without the soul could make the required experience . This encroachment on the freedom of another soul will eventually fall back on us in some form. Before you will to energetic exercises on somebody, ask the people personally or better yet, his higher self through your intuition, whether the interference is allowed.
Besides the above there are some very practical reasons: the other might be in an activity that requires absolute concentration (eg, driving) while you start the remote energy-treatment.

Receiver: If the recipient does not believe in the efficacy, or his soul is not ready for a cure there can be no healing. To help you can ask him to lower his head and pray, think of something beautiful and listen to his body.

Energy is most effectively transferred directly into the energy centers (chakras). From there it will be immediately passed onto the neighboring organs. First energize the main chakras followed by the side chakras. You can also heal organs directly. The intent alone is enough already. Putting down the hands to help at the show only helps to concentrate.
The hands don’t have to touch the skin but can also remain at a distance of about 15 cm. Usually extends your left hand with the palm up, to catch the divine healing energy from above. It then runs through the heart to the other hand to the patient. There are spiritual healers who know the human anatomy so well that they can transfer energy directly into the left heart valve. A visualization of the organ is helpful but not necessary. Alone the desire, “I transmit energy to the liver” is enough already.

During the energy transmission the receiving and the healer often have images or sounds. Sometimes it brings up old, very emotional memories in the receiver.

As we heal something happens to us. The energy that flows through us, also leads us to healing. We are truthful, open and humble. We should take good care of us, eat healthy do energetic exercises regularly .

Usually, the recipient will feel a short phase of a worsening. The pain is initially becoming stronger to then decrease rapidly and disappear. This is because the body begins to stutter like an old engine with the influx of fresh energy  before it starts to eject the spent energy and heals itself.

Healing does not always occur immediately, and not in the sense that we assume. Often, the disappearance of pain leads to the emergence of a new one. Healing is only effective if the patient changes his/her surroundings and thought patterns.

Injury: Set a new pattern (Serge King)


If you’ve hurt yourself, burned, cut or bumped into something, then do the following exercise: Repeat the energetic movement that led to the injury, without hurting yourself again. For example, simply imitate the movement of the cutting blade. Shout out loud or in thought: “This is the new pattern. Remember it! “Feel intensively into the non-pain that accompanies this movement. Then do something else and don’t think about the wound anymore. (about 1 min)

Background & Impact
Through the pattern encouraged by the parents that “If I’m hurting it will hurt for a very long time” our bodies react to injuries that same way. By reprogramming the impact on the other hand, we can make the body believe that nothing had happened and that the wound will heal much more quickly. Try it out!

Visualize diseases


If you plagued by a disease, lie down, relax and energize yourself and contact the affected part of the body. Request an internal picture of the disease. You will possibly see dark clumps, burnt electrical wires, holes, large rocks, animals or even natural landscapes. Don’t think about these images just watch them. Let them tell a story in your mind. Don’t fear wild scenes, but try to watch as interested as possible what happens.

If you already have the feeling to have understood the meaning of your illness, and say an unconditional “YES!” to the healing (perhaps during a 2nd meditation) – then thank for the history and experience and imagine the affected body part changing for the better. Let it turn into something smooth in front of your mind’s eye, full of beautiful colors and surrounded by light and soft music. Look at how beautifully it is changing and ready to take over its function again without reservation. Talk to it and thank it that it will serve you again. Repeat this meditation as often as possible.

Background & Impact:
In the alpha state, we can contact our higher self through pictures and understand the meaning and the learning experience of the disease through occurring symbols. It is important to not brush them off as meaningless and  wanting to convert them immediately, but to first understand why we have gained them. Mostly the affected organ provides very good information: Is it the skin, it is about boundaries; the heart means love-ability, and allergies suggest aggression, the breathing relates to freedom, headaches to stressed thinking and is it a bladder disease it means you should release an old topic, etc. (more literature by Rüdiger Dahlke and Louise Hay). In history, however, our inner selves gives us more accurate information through personal symbols. Either we understand the information directly, or we can recognize it by the technique of direct interpretation of dreams.
Only when we have understood the message and are ready for a new belief system, we can thank ourselves and offer a new image for the cure.

Body healing “Ha ha” (Roy Martina)


1. Stand in an upright position and relax shoulders and face.
2. Think of a wonderful experience and love
3. Feel where exactly in the body you can feel the love.
4. Reinforce the sense of an imaginary gas pedal or a knob that you crank up more and more.
5. Feel the love becoming active as a healing force in the body and cleans out all the viruses, bacteria, parasites and cancer cells.
6. Feel the love in the face, smile.
7. Hit yourself three times on the sternum (heart), and say out loud: “ha” “ha” “ha”.

Background and Effect
This practice of Dr. Roy Martina has a rejuvenating effect on all body cells.

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