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Turn to your heart (Sufi Nidiaye)


If you want to free yourself from the involvement with thoughts and feelings and discover your heart, then sum up the first act. The decision might be: “From now on I’ll keep my attention on my heart.”
Then practice to use your intuition and listen to your heart in every situation, every encounter and with every decision you make. Feel your breath in the center of your chest and your heart as a sentient being.
If you start to draw attention to your heart and to practice it day by day, feelings will emerge in your consciousness that were previously displaced from it. These feelings need your attention. Welcome them, whatever they were and take them in your heart.
You don’t have to analyze or assess, classify or overcome them; only let them into your heart. That’s all they need to transform themselves. (…)

Background and Effect:
The touch of the heart means that a person no longer hides his pain from himself, but dares to feel, to appreciate and to accept it.

The understanding of the heart means that the person understands and loves himself for that he has suffered so much.
The surrounding of the heart means that the person touches and understands every particle of pain with every fiber of his consciousness. For the heart it does not matter whether a pain comes from this or that person; it takes care of any pain, meets and embraces it. A pain that is rejected by the hearts turns into sorrow, a pain that is accepted by the heart, is transformed into joy.
From the Book of Sufi Nidiaye: The Path of the Heart

Keep love growing


Whatever happens: only keep the love inside of yourself alive  and take care of yourself. Concerning the others, act spontaneously, follow the promptings of your heart, but only take care of yourself and do not worry about them.

Background and Effect:
All people are bond together by love. Hate is love that is not heard. Cruelty is love that doesn’t knows a way out. Everything that you experience from the outside is a reflection of your inside. Wake up the love within yourself and all evil from the outside will go away.
From the Book of Sufi Nidiaye: The Path of the Heart

Follow the longing of the heart


Watch out for anything that arouses longing in your heart and follow this desire. For example, your desire for a South Sea island. Immerse yourself into the object of your desire, until you discover its inner self behind the outer appearance in order to connect with this inner essence. By doing this, you take on its essence and permit yourself to manifest it in your being. Immerse yourself in the picture that sparked your desire. Open your heart and let it touch the image. Your heart will tell you where the real content of your desire is. This essence, which is the true object of your desire is not something that is far from you. It lies beyond space and time, and in your heart you’ll connect with the essence until it becomes part of you – and you a part of it. Then, when the longing for your specific target still exists with all its strength start to follow in the exterior as well.

Background and Wrkung:
Love can grow. Your desire will show you where your heart wants to grow. It is an instrument of your inner guidance.
From the Book of Sufi Nidiaye: The Path of the Heart

The Open Heart (Kryon)


Begin early in the morning to knowingly open your heart wide. Breathe a few times deeply and imagine how your heart opens wide. It keeps on opening. If you still feel a pressure or tightness, breathe easily through it, and it will resolve itself. These are just some of the old experience that want to raise. Stay in the sense of the wide-open heart.
How does it feel to be closely associated with one’s own divinity? In this moment of the Now you can make decisions or look at a problem from a different point of view, because you are looking at everything with the feeling of universal love. Your vision is now wholesome, divine. This way you can decide, without reviving old stored experiences. You’ll need a bit of courage to keep the heart open continually. Do this exercise again, if you feel that you fall into the old routine or monotony. Go into your higher conscious heart, and learn again and again the feeling of divine love.
(Source: Kryon channeling by Barbara Bessen, 2009)

Background & Impact
The deliberate opening of the heart lifts your energy and vibration levels, and thus enables you to also receive inspiration from other levels. This way you can dissolve old patterns and letting the new energy into your life.

Focus on your heart


If you feel that you are growing distant to yourself put your hand on your heart and keep it there until you hear the voice of the heart again.

Background & Impact:
Mostly we talk, act and think through our mind. If you deliberately put your hand on the heart, it helps you to remind you of your true nature and place the focus back to the love in you.

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