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Activate hand and foot chakraHand- und Fusschakra aktivieren


Firmly rub your hands and feet. Put pressure onto the middle of your palms and soles. Spread your fingers and toes 2-3 times as far as possible.

Background and Effect:
The hand and foot chakras are those energy centers where energy flows strongly in and out of us. The more they are activated, the better we can absorb and emitted energy.Reibe fest deine Hände und Füße. Drücke in die Mitte deiner Hand- und Fußflächen. Spreize die Finger und Zehen 2-3 Mal so weit wie möglich nach außen. [...] 

Sweeping energy bandsEnergiebänder glattstreichen – Sweeping


Flatten out the aura around you, from top to bottom. The first time use a hollow hand to wipe away the extra energy. The second time spread your fingers for the downward movement to emphasize smoothing of the health lines. Don’t touch the body.
Follow these two downward movements on each of the three energy meridians that run along the body from head to toe. First, from head to toe along the vertical body axis, then about 10-15 cm to the left and to the right of it. [...] 

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