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Protection from negative energiesSchutz vor negativen Energien


1. Realize that the „negative“ energy will serve your growth!
2. Visualize light entering through your head into your body and how you throw out all negative energies like a water hose from your solar plexus chakra.
3. Bless the seeming aggressor in the heart and crown chakra.
4. Say internally: „I am protecting myself from all negative energies that are not useful to my development“ [...] 

Close circle of energy to protect yourselfEnergie-Schutz vor anderen Personen


If you notice that in a conversation or in the presence of another person you feel weaker, will-less and with less  drive, probably unresolved energy is flowing through an open breach on your side through to the other. In such a case, you can take an immediate action: Put your tongue on the palate, cross your feet and put all your fingers on each other, including the thumb. [...] 

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