Visit a sauna or steam bath. Relax and listen intensively into your body.
Listen to your inner voice when it’s time to leave – but stay at east 15 min until you really sweat.
Shower yourself off with cold water, walk barefoot through the grass or snow (if available).
Then lie down with towels or blankets on a (sun)bed, relax deeply and meditate. Feel into your body, listen to your breath and let thoughts pass by.
Drink plenty of water before and after.

If you have the opportunity to participate in a real sweat lodge ritual, do it!
Usually the sweat lodge is being built by bending branches together to form a round tent frame, and then covered with thick blankets. The soil is covered with straw or leaves. In the middle of the hut you’ll find a hole, which will later take up the hot stones.
Firewood is collected and piled up in a distance of 30 ft. east or south of the sweat lodge. On top of the wood you find large, solid and round stones – usually from rivers. A master of ceremony will light the fire and let it burn for about 4-5 hours, until the stones become red. Once the fire has burnt out, the participants enter the interior of the sweat lodge. The fire master pushes the hot stones into the hole and closes the shell. The participants will now remain for 3 x 30 minutes in the hut and occasionally pour water over the hot stones. In between the turns there will be a break for 10 minutes, giving the participants time to drink water and shower. During the 30 minutes of sweating, no one may leave the hut, except for real emergencies.
There are several more or less strict rituals that can take place, including a round of introductions, singing, and receiving visions. The focus remains on the observation of body experience and expansion of awareness and love.
The positive intention of the participants is creating a safe, protected space to stand the pain and exceed physical limitations. The participants are challenged like a baby being born and starting the adventure of life.
In the relaxation phase after the whole ceremony, all participants come together usually in a quiet, safe, sheltered place, wrapped up in blankets, relaxing and meditating.

Background & Impact:
The sweat lodge – ritual combines 3 key elements: The Cave / sauna / sweat lodge stands for the earth, the heated stones for the fire, sweat and steam for water. It is a symbol of the connection between Heaven (Fire) and the cave (earth), and rebirth. The relaxation phase after the physically demanding sweating is very deep and can be used for the reception of new visions. The intensive sweating is also cleaning the body from strong toxins.