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Shake to Relax (Michael Adam)Shake to Relax (Michael Adam)

Each step takes about 10 minutes

1. Step
Move your body ecstatically to loud music. Shake and feel it own your body, let your voice express all your emotions. Scream or hum

2. Step
Keep on dancing ecstatically and start move to the music through the room.

3. Step
Spin around and learn to be calm in your center. Increase the pace when you’re able to. You stop by mentally throwing a powerful anchor into your two feet. [...] 

Shaking your bodySchütteln


Get up, let your head hang down to your chest and shake your whole body as much as you can. Visualize how all energetic blockages fall from you and collect on the floor at your feet. Trample all the blocks on the ground to dust. Shake and trample until your body is relaxed.

Background and effect: [...] 

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