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Zero Limits (Joe Vitale)


Immer wenn Dir ein unangenehmes Ereignis widerfährt, sei es durch Personen, Dinge oder Krankheiten: ruf Dir ins Gedächtnis, dass du selbst es in dir hervorgerufen hast. Reinige dich, indem du innerlich dazu sagst: „Was immer dich hervorgerufen hat: es tut mir leid, ich vergebe Dir, ich liebe dich, ich danke dir“. [...] 

Verletzung: Neues Muster setzen (Serge King)


Durch das in uns gespeicherte und von den Eltern bestärkte Muster "Wenn ich mich verletze tut es lange sehr weh" reagiert unser Körper auch genau so auf eine Verletzung. Durch Umprogrammierung der Auswirkungen können wir hingegen den Körper glauben machen, dass nichts geschehen sei, und so wird er die Verletzung viel rascher heilen.

Feel into energies (Grokken)In andere Energien einfühlen (Grokken)


An ancient shamanic technique is to empathies with the other energies. You can do this in order to broaden your own perspective, and to learn a new way of being.
Calm yourself and try to put yourself into the essence of any living being or thing. This can be great role models, eg Bill Gates, Gandhi, Rockefeller, Robbie Williams or your grandfather / grandmother. By identifying with these characters you’ll be able to perceive their feelings and thoughts even if you haven’t experienced these feelings yourself.
The same method (the Huna-Shaman like Serge Kahili King described it as „Grokken“) also works, in order to feel the essence of animals, plants or inanimate objects such as stones or wood. It is also the basis for a mask dance where the dancer merges with the energy of the system shown.
Feel this empathy in a little ritual: set a sign for the beginning and the ending,  for example the lighting and blowing out of a candle. Then put yourself into this different energy, merge with it and express it if possible through your body to be able to feel and internalize it better. [...] 

Healing through LoveHeilung durch Liebe


If you feel uncomfortable try to locate the underlying negative belief, ie „I can not“, „I’m not lovable“, „nobody likes me“, „I’m stupid“, „I am not ok the way I am „, etc.
Feel the dark power of this statement on you with all your senses. Then tell yourself:
„BUT – I love myself, I forgive myself and I like myself how I am, with all my HEART.“
At the beginning this sentence can seem funny, unusual and you might not feel any effect. But if you stick with it you will slowly feel the dark veil lifting around you and how you’ll become lighter inside. With more practice you will soon feel  a strong effect like a radiation and tingling in the heart area.
You can then set a sign of total acceptance and devotion by adding, eg: „Thank you Spirit, thy will be done.“ [...] 

Command the subconsciousDem Unbewussten Befehle geben


Give your subconscious a name, Eg: „Jacob“, „Franz“, or „Enlightened One“.
Press with the nails of the index and middle fingers firmly on the fingertip of the thumb (acupressure points), and lift the whole arm if possible. Be resolute! Call out the name of your subconscious, and what you want. Always say „I want“, and imagine your subconscious mind as a powerful servant that obeys you unconditionally. For example, „Jacob, I want a parking lot.“ [...] 

Defense of cynicism and despondencyAbwehr von Zynismus & Mutlosigkeit


If someone stirs discouragement by derogatory remarks and negative thinking answer out loud or internally with a power-word that you can invent yourself. The saying of the power-word converts the negative energy into a positive one. Use your power-word especially at times when someone criticizes or questions your dream. Personally I use the word „Hudribusch!“ Many shamans use „EUP“ (Everything unfolds perfectly“). [...] 



Tensegrity (Tension and Unity) is a series of movements that serve different purposes and which often imitate movements of animals. They stem from an ancient tradition of Mexican shamans and are similar to Tai Chi.

Background & Impact:
The exercises have been found in higher states of consciousness and serve to redistribute energy in the aura and to induce a strong sense of wellbeing. Carlos Castaneda continued to change the exercises that had been edited by his teacher and published it in 1997 as a book.
According to the Mexican shamans every human is surrounded by an ovoid energy field which they believe is the true self. Behind the shoulder blades is the bright, so-called „assembly point“ that translates the energy of the universe into understandable data for the human perception. Through these magical movements the through education acquired assembly point can be relocated to other areas. According to the shaman people move living energy from the center of their energy field to the edge if they are worried. The exercises bring the mind to a hold, set free the accumulated vital energy and bring it back to the vital centers. Tensegrity is taught worldwide since publication in 1997, practiced in various practice groups and can be learned directly from the book. I’ve personally had very good experiences with these exercises.Tensegrity (Übersetzt: Spannung und Einheit) ist eine Reihe von Bewegungen, die unterschiedlichen Zielen dienen und bei denen oft Bewegungen von Tieren imitiert werden. Sie entstammen einer alten Tradition mexikanischer Schamanen und sind dem Tai Chi ähnlich. [...] 

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