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Gemeinsamen Ton finden (Ella Kensington)


Durch das gemeinsame Singen kommt es auch zu einer starken Verbundenheit innerhalb der Gruppe.



If you’re angry or upset loudly scream your anger out in a suitable location; Don’t hold anything back.

Background & Impact
Hardly any exercise brings your inner energy flow back into balance like screaming does. Screaming releases blocked energy centers and makes the whole body vibrate. Children don’t only cry to get their mother’s attention but also for energetic and mental balance.
Some therapists are love the screaming exercises so much that they prescribe daily hours of screaming to their clients. With this the expression becomes habit and therefore loses its dissolving and liberating character. Best to listen to your inner feeling.Wenn du zornig oder wütend bist, schrei deinen Zorn an einem geeigneten Ort laut heraus; nimm dir dabei kein Blatt vor den Mund. [...] 



Begin to hum to yourself, perhaps a familiar tune, maybe you start composing straight away. Express yourself in humming however you feel.

Background and Effect:
Through the humming we are forced to breathe more deeply and rhythmically, through which we take in more air-prana. Through the vibration, which is formed in the body, an additional relaxation of the muscles is caused. Humming is very reassuring. Look at a mother who hums her child to sleep!Beginne vor dich hin zu summen, vielleicht eine bekannte Melodie, vielleicht komponierst du aus dem Stegreif. Drück dich im Summen so aus, wie du dich fühlst. [...] 

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