Stand up with your head held high and upright, your hands hanging loosely by your side and your legs about the width of your shoulders apart.
Focus on a point in the environment.
Be aware of your own full power, take full responsibility for all of your experience and make contact with your higher self.
Stay relaxed, but alert and be aware and completely in the moment – so you could  respond on any given event (eg. meeting another person) immediately and with all your strength, determination and love. Respect yourself and all people.
Watch your arising thoughts and feelings. Look at them but don’t fight them and return back into pure perception.
You can do this little exercise every day for 15 min. in complete privacy – or you do it whenever you have time: in the subway, waiting in front of the cashier, etc.

Duration: 15 min
Purpose: Contact your inner power, feel your roots and strengthen your presence presence

Background & Impact:
This exercise is widespread in native and shamanic cultures. We reserve a time to realize a contact with the divine in us with everything that we are. In the proverbial sense we practice, “to stand up for ourselves” and be fully present. This is a very good exercise to strengthen the “inner warrior” in us or from the point of view of the chakras, to strengthen the “base charkra.”

(Source: The fourfold way, Angeles Arrien)