Tensegrity (Tension and Unity) is a series of movements that serve different purposes and which often imitate movements of animals. They stem from an ancient tradition of Mexican shamans and are similar to Tai Chi.

Background & Impact:
The exercises have been found in higher states of consciousness and serve to redistribute energy in the aura and to induce a strong sense of wellbeing. Carlos Castaneda continued to change the exercises that had been edited by his teacher and published it in 1997 as a book.
According to the Mexican shamans every human is surrounded by an ovoid energy field which they believe is the true self. Behind the shoulder blades is the bright, so-called „assembly point“ that translates the energy of the universe into understandable data for the human perception. Through these magical movements the through education acquired assembly point can be relocated to other areas. According to the shaman people move living energy from the center of their energy field to the edge if they are worried. The exercises bring the mind to a hold, set free the accumulated vital energy and bring it back to the vital centers. Tensegrity is taught worldwide since publication in 1997, practiced in various practice groups and can be learned directly from the book. I’ve personally had very good experiences with these exercises.Tensegrity (Übersetzt: Spannung und Einheit) ist eine Reihe von Bewegungen, die unterschiedlichen Zielen dienen und bei denen oft Bewegungen von Tieren imitiert werden. Sie entstammen einer alten Tradition mexikanischer Schamanen und sind dem Tai Chi ähnlich. [...]