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Find the common note (Ella Kensington)


Stand opposite each other or in a circle (several people) and look at each other.
Now feel how the note “joie de vivre” feels inside. Express this feeling until it harmonious. You can hum along quietly for a few minutes – usually, it will end automatically after a while without the intervention of an operator or the manager.
Next, you can feel the note for “joy” in you, and express it together.
Finally you do the same with the sound for “gratitude”.
You can then start a last round, where you jump from note to note, once you for example have found a harmony.

Background and Effect:
The notes have a powerful effect on your energy field and you swing heavily in the quality of the respective energy. Singing together is also a strong bond within the group.

Source: Ella Kensington, Mary

Chanting “HU”


For this exercise, make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and breathe deeply several times. Next, focus your attention gently on your inner screen where your daydreams and images appear. With eyes closed, sing HU (pronounced HJUU) as a song of love.
There are many ways to experience the love of God. Perhaps you feel a sense of peace, warmth or security. Perhaps you recognize the presence of the divine through a deeper spiritual insight into your daily life.
When you sing HU and sit there in quiet contemplation, it may be that you perceive the inner light and the inner sound. The light may appear as brightness or colors on the inner screen. The sound can be music or a sound of nature, like the wind or the ocean. Whatever you experience the presence of God, it gives you a broader understanding of the life that you lead. When we sing the name of God every day for twenty minutes with love, the bonds, which constrict the soul will begin to dissolve. Not all at once, but very slowly, at a pace that you can understand and accept. While these bonds are broken the soul grows into spiritual freedom.

Background and Effect:
The “Hu” is a mantra that is standing – according to the Eckists – for direct connection to God. Eckankar teaches that a spiritual essence – the light and sound – connects everybody with the heart of God. This light and the sound are the Eck or Holy Spirit. Direct experience with these two aspects of God in every one of us opens deep spiritual potential. Light and sound are clean, lift us and guide us on our journey home to God. Singing HU draws us into the consciousness of our state closer to the divine essence. That is its purpose. It is there for those who desire spiritual love, freedom, wisdom and truth.
As souls, we are like a balloon that lifts off the ground. The higher we climb, the farther we can see. And the further we can see, the better we can plan our lives.




If you’re angry or upset loudly scream your anger out in a suitable location; Don’t hold anything back.

Background & Impact
Hardly any exercise brings your inner energy flow back into balance like screaming does. Screaming releases blocked energy centers and makes the whole body vibrate. Children don’t only cry to get their mother’s attention but also for energetic and mental balance.
Some therapists are love the screaming exercises so much that they prescribe daily hours of screaming to their clients. With this the expression becomes habit and therefore loses its dissolving and liberating character. Best to listen to your inner feeling.



Begin to hum to yourself, perhaps a familiar tune, maybe you start composing straight away. Express yourself in humming however you feel.

Background and Effect:
Through the humming we are forced to breathe more deeply and rhythmically, through which we take in more air-prana. Through the vibration, which is formed in the body, an additional relaxation of the muscles is caused. Humming is very reassuring. Look at a mother who hums her child to sleep!

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